Our goal is to deliver a superior, user-friendly solution that simplifies trailer tracking.

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To learn more about Celtrak’s trailer fleet monitoring and management solutions, request a downloadable copy of our white paper, “Dry Trailer Tracking Keeps Your Fleet and Your Profits Moving Forward.”



Celtrak has extensive experience in manufacturing reliable, robust electronic components for the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. Here are some additional reasons why you should partner with us:

Coupling Detection

Celtrak is one of the few telematics companies that offers coupling detection technology, which notifies you when a trailer has been uncoupled from the tractor when the driver should have been making a scheduled delivery. Coupling detection technology lets you contact the driver responsible for the trailer and initiate the recovery process within minutes. When transporting high-value loads, reporting coupling data every few minutes enhances shipment security and allows you to start your load recovery efforts sooner if a theft occurs.

Personalized Customer Support

Unlike telematics companies that have a “sell-it-and-forget-it” mindset and only provide sales and service over the phone, Celtrak representatives visit your facility to demonstrate and sell trailertrak products. We have the ability to customize our solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Just as important, we provide personalized follow-up support so that you can continue to get the maximum ROI on your trailertrak purchase for many years.

Thermo King Partnership

Our exclusive partnership with Thermo King allows Celtrak customers who already use Thermo King’s TracKing™ web-enabled temperature management system to track their trucks and refrigerated trailers can use it to access their trailertrak-monitored dry trailers as well.

Celtrak-Owned Telematics Ecosystem

Unlike competing telematics suppliers, we own the entire Celtrak telematics solution ecosystem, including the monitoring device, data system and online portal, which simplifies adding new features and functions as they are developed. While most of our competitors use third-party cloud services to store their data, Celtrak operates its own private cloud that runs on data centers that are owned and managed by Celtrak. This extra level of security ensures that your sensitive business data won’t be compromised.