Go Farther:  Celtrak trailertrak Takes Your Trailer Fleet Monitoring From Coast to Coast

Telematic trailer tracking systems employ GPS-based monitoring devices designed to fit inside the trailer. These devices communicate with a central database that customers can access from a software portal to view updates on the trailer’s status. Most telematics companies charge customers a monthly subscription fee for access to their portal.

By giving you the tools you need to stay on top of each trailer’s precise location at all times, Celtrak’s trailertrak telematics solutions boost your fleet’s performance and profitability dramatically:

  • Reducing trailer downtime substantially within just 30 days of implementation
  • Helping you improve and maintain high cargo safety standards
  • Helping you plan deliveries and notify customers of arrival times
  • Improving your chances of recovering lost or stolen trailers undamaged with their cargo intact
  • Reporting how long trailers are held at customer warehouses, providing information you can use to get higher
  • priority during loading/unloading or to negotiate higher prices for deliveries

trailertraklite Monitoring Device

Most trailer tracking monitoring devices report information such as trailer speed, location and time of day, as well as utilization details, including when trailers are moving or inactive. Most trailers do not have their own power source, so a monitoring device requires an internal battery to continue working when the trailer isn’t coupled to a tractor.

Powered by a non-rechargeable battery with a life of three to five years, Celtrak’s trailertraklite device reports the trailer’s location once or twice a day, which provides invaluable information for tracking down misplaced or stolen trailers. Its bolt-on design requires no wires for installation.


trailertrakpro Monitoring Device


Advanced trailer tracking devices like the fully programmable trailertrakpro take monitoring further by reporting when the trailer is coupled or uncoupled to a tractor—helping fleet managers keep tabs on when the trailer is in operation. Celtrak is one of only a few telematics companies to offer coupling detection technology.

If notified that a trailer has been uncoupled when it should be coupled, the fleet manager can contact the driver responsible for it and quickly recover the trailer. This feature is especially useful when tracking trailers that are transporting high-value loads. Reporting coupling data every few minutes allows for greater shipment security and faster recovery if the trailer is stolen.

The trailertrakpro device’s battery recharges when the trailer is coupled to a vehicle. Reporting intervals can be configured to be shorter when the trailer is coupled or longer when uncoupled.

The trailertrakpro device also offers mileage tracking and geofencing capabilities. By tracking miles traveled, fleet managers can schedule regular trailer maintenance—minimizing the time the trailer is off the road. Geofencing has a variety of applications, including notifications of theft, the arrival of an asset at a customer location, delays during unloading, etc. Some fleet managers use a geofence to define banned locations so they can be notified if an asset enters these areas.


trailertrakpro Dashboard

The usability and features of the software platform that connects the monitoring devices to the fleet manager’s desktop are critical to the quality of any telematics solution. If the software portal is easy to use and administer, fleet managers will be more likely to use all the tools it offers to manage their assets in the most efficient way possible. The fleetwatch trailer tracking software platform provides

  • A secure, web-based solution that does not require software installation
  • A flexible, robust platform that supports unlimited end users
  • A scalable platform that can accommodate varying types and sizes of fleets
  • Automated reporting for scheduling reports at regular intervals
  • Automated mobile phone notifications when a specified event occurs, such as an asset that crosses a geofence boundary
  • Ongoing software support and updates

Since the fleetwatch platform includes mixed fleet tracking capabilities, fleet managers can monitor their trucks and dry trailers using one easy-to-navigate interface. For added convenience, customers already using Thermo King’s TracKing™ website to track trucks and refrigerated trailers can access their trailertrak-monitored dry trailers on the same website.fleetWatch

To learn more about Celtrak’s trailer fleet monitoring and management solutions, download our white paper, “Dry Trailer Tracking Keeps Your Fleet and Your Profits Moving Forward.”