In transportation and logistics, you already know the value of time and asset management with GPS fleet tracking. That’s why you’re probably using GPS-based technology to improve driver efficiency, monitor fuel usage and track vehicles. But what about monitoring your largest, hardest-to-track asset—your dry trailers?

If you don’t have an efficient tracking system, you probably struggle to keep up with your inventory. You may have extra trailers just sitting around. Or you may have several trailers missing from your fleet. Why are underutilized, misplaced trailers such a problem? Because profits stall when fleets don’t MOVE.


With Celtrak, tracking your trailers is quick and easy. In fact, Celtrak solutions use the same GPS-based telematics used for vehicle tracking to manage your dry trailer inventory. And with these great results:

  • Boost trailer fleet utilization within just 30 days of implementation
  • Experience a 10-fold ROI within one year of installation

Our unique trailer tracking system helps reduce waste and improve efficiency.